As Part of a Journey presents: Workshop with Zaina Erhaim 25.-29.06.

/ Juni 25, 2018

As Part of a Journey presents:

Mobile Citizen Journlism

Workshop with Zaina Erhaim 25.-29.06.

Monday 25.06. 10-12.30 Uhr + 14.-16 Uhr
Tuesday + Wednesday 26.+27.06. individual meetings
Thursday + Friday 28.+29.06. 10-12-30 Uhr + 14-16 Uhr

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Journalism has turned into a daily act we all do, not only journalist. With your mobile phone, you can do a professional journalistic piece that spread hate and fuel conflict, and in one piece you can show human side of stories and encourage tolernce and goodwill.
The training will focus on the people making the news, with great focus on vulnerable such as the refugees living in your hometown now. The training is going to be for English speakers only; it’s rather practical, using the learning by doing method. In the five days of it, the trainees are expected to work individually and in groups to
create and produce their own journalistic pieces related to the refugees, that are different from what is being produced in their mainstream media. And at the end of it, they will have better tools to analyze the hateful, extremist and biased media they are getting on daily bases, and they will be able to give a different perspective to the human-interest sides of the stories behind the news.


Zaina Erhaim

Award winning Syrian journalist, recently received the first Annita Auspurg award: Rebel Woman For Peace By WILFP, named the journalist of the year by Reporters without Boarders in 2015, one of the 100 Most Powerful Arab Women according to Arabian Business and Unsung heroes of 2016 by Reuters Thomson. She received Index on Censorship, Freedom of Expression award in
2016 and Peter Mackler Award for Ethical and Courageous Journalism in 2015 beside Mustafa Al Husaine award for the best article written by a young journalist. She has been working with the Institute for War and Peace reporting as the Syria project coordinator then senior media specialist for the last 4 years, trained more than 100 media activists on journalism basics inside Syria and made a series of short films named Syria Rebellious Women and Syria diaries toldby its women. Fort the last year she has been running a social media campaign to break the stereotyping of the Syrian women and highlight their role and the gender –based discriminations they face. Before IWPR, Zaina worked for the BBC. She writes for different outlets including The Guardian, The Economist, Middle Ease eye, Alhayat, Al Quds Al Arabi.

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