A Writing Workshop with Ashkan Sepahvand

/ Mai 9, 2016

My work is about self-promotion time and space 

self-justification reality and fiction 

A Writing Workshop with Ashkan Sepahvand

9.5 – 11.5. 2016

MO 14-18 UHR

DI U MI 11-12.30 U 13.30-16 UHR

RAUM 1.13.090





can artists write? are writers artists?

more and more artists are expected to take on the role of philosophers, speaking about not only their work conceptually but also tackling issues of social, political, and cultural relevance.

why is it so difficult to write? at times it feels like advertising, or just theory-nonsense. time and space, reality and fiction – oh wait, so everything and nothing? maybe that’s why many artists hide behind the statements of curators and gallerists, and why sometimes it just feels like there is nothing to be said.

in this workshop we will explore what it means to write with and through our practice, not „about“ it. we will look at the tradition of artist-writers and writer-artists. we will claim writing as our own and take over it for our practice, for the survival of our imagination, to make sure we say what we want to say how we want to say it (and not how it should be said). we will think of language as a game, we will discuss approaches to translation, and we will create images with words.

the workshop will be held in english and in german, with translations between many other languages both spoken and imaginary.

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