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Vortragsreihe Freie Kunst: Heaven Baek – Yours truly, as ours

/ April 18, 2018

Vortragsreihe Freie Kunst: Heaven Baek eingeladen von der Klasse Ingo Vetter Mittwoch, 18 April 2018 um 18:00 Uhr im Auditorium, Speicher XI Yours truly, as ours Heaven Baek is a Korean artist who has been exploring how an individual and society interact with each other based on their spatial relationship, and the socio-political significance by using various media including video, photography and installation.


Vortragsreihe Freie Kunst – César E. Giraldo Herrera

/ Juni 13, 2018

Microbes and Other Shamanic Beings Lecture by César E. Giraldo Herrera   Vortragsreihe Freie Kunst Auditorium (Speicher) 18:00 Shamanism is commonly understood through reference to spirits and souls. However, these terms were introduced by Christian missionaries as part of the colonial effort of conversion. So, rather than trying to comprehend shamanism through medieval European concepts, we will examine it through


Vortragsreihe Freie Kunst – Ana Teixeira Pinto – 04.07.2018

/ Juli 4, 2018

Aspirational Nihilism* and Fascist Curious Aesthetics Lecture by Ana Teixeira Pinto 04.07.2018 18:00 Uhr Auditorium In August 12 2007, in Charlottesville, the “national flag of Kekistan“ (a fictional country invented by users on 4chan’s /pol/ board whose flag mimics the Reichskriegsflagge) marched along with National Socialist flags, Deus vult and Iron crosses, Swastikas and Valknot symbols, making apparent an ideological